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Last Update as of March 24 2020

Community Update for Coronavirus

Our objective is to keep you and your loved ones safe.  We have a team of Professional Drivers - allow them to help you and your friends at this time when we all need to be social distancing.  Our Drivers are taking a series of steps to protect them, our passengers and your parcels during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Novel Coronavirus Covid-19 - Update March 2020

Additional Information

We wanted to share  our notice of concern during this very unique time.   Our teams are communicating regularly  with the City of Hamilton's Public Health Team and are making necessary changes to regular operations to keep themselves, yourselves and your packages safe.

  • We have instituted a revised program for cleaning and disinfecting vehicles
  • Hard Surfaces in-vehicle are regularly being disinfected with products aimed to work against the Human Coronavirus
  • Drivers are washing their hands often
  • Drivers are sanitizing frequently
  • Paper movement in vehicle has been limited with online access enabled
  • Call Centre and Finance Department Personnel in Hamilton are leveraging our AWS Amazon Web Service Infrastructure  to deliver high quality service to all of you even while working safely from home
  • The donning of gloves and masks is being adopted as per Hamilton Public Health guidance
  • We are using a Commercial Vehicle Spray  that is used in Hygiene critical environments such as hospitals and food processing facilities to keep passengers and parcels safe

We will continue to get guidance from Public Health and modify day to day processes.

We are hopeful that we can move past this, but are respectful and mindful of what we need to do during this acute episode.  We will continue to keep you posted as time goes on.

fresh food brought to you