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Here are answers to some of our most frequently received questions. Support Hamilton. Support local. Support Deliverii.

More courier service help:

Feel free to call us at (905) 527-2583 to speak to one of our local knowledgeable call centre operators or use our chat feature right here on our website to speak to that same call centre team about any of our courier services.

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  • You can buy products anywhere in the Greater Hamilton Area, including all of the boroughs like Ancaster, Flamborough, Glanbrook and Stoney Creek and use our courier service to get those products delivered to you!

  • You care about making a LOCAL decision.

  • All of the App based operators don’t have a Hamilton home base of operations. In most cases with App-based operators, somewhere between 25% and 35% of the delivery fees immediately leave the country once you engage their service. Everything we do is organized and operated by Hamilton companies. All of the money you spend stays in Hamilton. If you are looking to make local shopping decisions and you care about local vendors – try our friendly fleet of Local Hamilton Call Takers and Professional Vehicle operators.

  • You can order goods from anyone, any store, any restaurant, any vendor. Simply, pay the retailer and coordinate with our Deliverii team to handle the pickup, then pay for the delivery once arrived. Option 1: Pay for your product and then use the Deliverii App. Option 2: Pay for your product and then call our local Hamilton Call Centre to get the goods delivered.

  • Pricing is completely transparent. There are no product or food pricing markups. You pay your vendor directly based on their rates for product pickup. You then just let us know where to pick up and only pay for the time and distance of travel – it’s that simple.

  • Most of the courier runs we handle occur at less than 10km from the customer’s destination. Customers pay as little as $10, but where there is a further distance to travel and a waiting time involved, customers might pay $25. Each job is a little bit different.

  • We courier products daily from all types of grocery, pharmacy, and specialty retailers in Hamilton. See our list for an example of some of our partners – but if they are located in Hamilton, we can pick up and deliver their product to you.

  • Deliverii is a completely local Hamilton-based service. Everyone who works for the company including the entire Dispatch Operation is a Hamiltonian. This is the ONLY ALL LOCAL full-service delivery service in the region.

  • Deliverii is available for all types of goods. Bake a pie – have our Professional Drivers pick it up and deliver it to your grandmother. Have a care package for a McMaster Student – have our Driver Deliver the parcel.

  • We have a fleet of all different sized vehicles that can handle anything up to 8′ x 4′ x 3′ items.

  • Have a lumber pickup at Rona? No problem.

  • Have a TV at Best Buy? No problem.

  • Have a regular grocery pickup at Fortino’s? No problem.

  • Have a prescription to pick up at Rexall or Shoppers? No Problem.

  • Just call into our Call Centre – explain your situation and one of our friendly call takers will get you all set up.

  • Deliverii is a division of Blue Line Transportation Ltd. We are Hamilton’s oldest and largest personal transport service. We safely move millions of passengers every year and have been moving parcels, delivering delicious restaurant meals, picking up loveseats, futons, televisions, mobility aides, eyeglasses, sporting goods, home-cooked meals, specialty documents, lab samples, auto parts, and all sorts of other items for well over 30 years. 

At the present time alcohol delivery is not available.